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Best 21700 Batteries of 2019

Best 21700 Batteries of 2019

Posted by Vaping360 Team on Apr 15th 2019

21700s are the latest batteries for vaping. They are considered an upgrade over 20700s and 18650s because they come with a larger capacity and can generally be operated at higher wattages. With more and more companies coming out with 21700-compatible vape mods lately, these batteries are considered by many to be the future of vaping. Outside of vaping, 21700s are mainly used in the electric vehicle market (electric bikes and cars).

Most of the batteries that don’t come from long-time electronics manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG, are re-wrapped cells. Many of these come with exaggerated specs, so always do your research before purchasing batteries for your vape.

How we picked the batteries

Choosing “best batteries” is not something to pick simply based on subjective likes. While our international team of experts and vape enthusiasts use the batteries on our lists, our recommendations and product selection could not have taken place without first going over the data offered by Battery Mooch.

Battery Mooch (or just Mooch) is the vape community’s expert tester of batteries. For a few years now, he’s been supplying the community with in-depth and reliable testing for the majority of batteries used in vaping.

This is not his list of best batteries, though all these batteries have been verified by his battery charts to be worthy of inclusion. Mooch and his highly detailed research can be found on his E-cigarette Forum blog, his channel on YouTube, and his recommendations on Reddit.

Article Provided By: Vaping360

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