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Getting lost in the Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA by Vandy Vape!

Getting lost in the Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA by Vandy Vape!

Posted by Joshua Stephenson on Jan 3rd 2018

Sick of the same old, same old? Well, Vandy Vape has done it again, with the introduction of the new and innovative Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA! This is an RDA that utilizes replaceable, safety centric, sub-ohm coils and has a 2ml juice well. This is the worlds first RDA to utilize this style set-up. Will it hold up to scrutiny? Only time will tell!

The Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA by Vandy Vape is available in the standard array of colors; Black, Stainless Steel, Gold, and Rainbow (Iridescent). The top cap consists of 5 groups of 9 airflow holes, for a huge variety in airflow options. Included with the, now standard, Resin Drip Tips. This device appears to be a great contender for the future of RDA's.


Included with the Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA is; 1x Replacement Maze Coil, 1x 510 Pin, 1x Allen Key, 1x Replacement O-Rings, 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter, 1x Quality Certificate, and 1x User Manual. Being a completely new style of RDA, taking the device apart for the first time, everything does seem a bit foreign. Thankfully, the device is machined impeccably and everything works / fits together as it should.

Quite the beautiful device, the Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA comes apart with ease for replacing the coil. Simply remove the top cop, unscrew the Maze Coil disc, and install your replacement! Filling the juice well can be done via Squonking, or, if you're a traditionalist, via the fill tube you will see in the next set of pictures! Simply saturate the coil, then squonk until you start seeing juice bubbling up through the cotton, and boom, you're ready to go.

As you can see, filling via either option is quite easy. With the included extra parts, you're good to go with Squonk Mods, Mech Mods, Regulated Mods, and beyond.

While perfect for use with squonk mods, the Maze Coils seem to really shine around 70-85 watts. For the purpose of this review, I used a Pulse Squonk Box, and unfortunately, the lack of regulated power left a lot to be desired. Installing this on a regulated mod (Asvape Michael) or a regulated Squonk Mod (Geekvape GboxiJoy Capo, etc.) really brings out the flavor and cloud production of this device. And let me tell you, the performance is truly amazing.

The Maze Sub-Ohm BF RDA is a fantastic device. After 1 week of consistent use, I still have no complaints. There is no leaking, no burnt hits, the only thing I had an issue with was removing the Maze Coil to replace it, which was simply remedied by drying off the top of the coil and then removing it (oil makes it slippery!). Overall, vandy vape hit it out of the park with this device! 

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