Spring Loaded! The Tigertek Morphe RDA Is Here!

Spring Loaded! The Tigertek Morphe RDA Is Here!

Posted by Joshua Stephenson on Nov 24th 2017

Tigertek is pretty famous, nowadays, for their innovative use of Spring Loaded clamps, rather than the traditional use of screws. This feature, makes installing coils a breeze! No longer having to fiddle with little screwdrivers, makes this company at the forefront for ease of vaping. Lets take a dive into the Morphe RDA!

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The Morphe RDA is no different, utilizing a deck that looks awfully similar to the Pharaoh Dripper Tank, Spring loaded clamps, and side airflow, this RDA is a great contender for your next device!The Morphe RDA is available in 4 different colors, to satiate your desire for, even, a rainbow colored device.

The Morphe RDA comes included with; 1x replacement spring, 1x replacement clamp piece, 1x Allen Key, 1x Squonk Pin, 3x replacement o-rings, and 1x spare drip tip. The device feels really solid and has a great design. The side airflow through the clamps really directs the airflow, making a beautiful flavor.

Installing coils in this device is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply build your desired coil, press down one clamp and slide the positive lead in, press down on the other clamp, and slide the negative lead in, you're good to go and ready to vape! The clamps are really solid and have nice tension, that does not feel as if you're going to have connection issues, which was a big worry of mine with the clamp device. Everything works together amazingly and the device feels top quality.

The Tigertek Morphe RDA is a fantastic RDA for new and advanced users, who are looking for a bit more simplicity, yet quality, in their RDA. Tigertek is really stepping up the game with these clamp styled devices. The Morphe is bringing drippers to a new level. The innovative Spring-Post design brings huge convenience for building coils.The adjustable side airflow control system provides smooth flavor with massive clouds. You'll surely not be disappointed!

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