Store Closure Announcement

Store Closure Announcement

To all of our customers,

We wanted to take the time, first and foremost, to thank our customers for your years of patronage to our store here at While our hopes had us never having to do this, unfortunately the time has come to reluctantly say good bye. It is with a truly heavy heart that we must announce the closure of

This decision, while extremely difficult to reach, is largely due to the ever evolving regulatory landscape of the vapor industry. Though, inflation and delivery costs have played an equal part in making it difficult for us to remain competitively priced or to offer the same level of service you've known us for. This is just a trajectory we're unable to recover from at this time.

All orders will continue to be filled as normal while the store is still up. The store will continue to be up while there is inventory left. Please enjoy 50% off your orders with code VAPE50 at check out.

Thank you, again, for being a customer and sticking with us through the years.

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Tonya - January 30, 2023

I hate to see you go! As a fellow Michigander my online orders were from you. Good luck in your future endeavors! You will be missed!

Magdalena Smith - January 30, 2023

I am so sorry that you are having to close your store. If the politicians had taken even a small amount of time, (even the length of your average bathroom visit would have done it), to research what vaping IS and IS’NT, they would not have placed these regulations on the industry. The fact that they are driving ex-smokers back into the arms of big tobacco says it all. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Warm Regards,

Paul Johnson - January 30, 2023

Thank you so much for supplying me and others for so long.. and for keeping things going even through covid and all laws regarding the industry that have been put into place. I was very happy to obtain a Legend 2 before you guys closed up shop and thankful for the 50% off. I’m sure this is difficult decision for your company, but again thank you!!

Coleman Polkinghorne - January 30, 2023

So sorry to hear you have to close. You were by far my favorite online vape supplier. Very sad to see how this industry is getting so screwed over in this country. Wish all of you the best and hopefully you can have a storefront with pick-up possibilities. Good luck and God speed.

Dale P - January 30, 2023

Thank you for everything you and have staff have done over the years! Your company has been 1 of my go-tos for the past few years. You always offered great prices and quick shipping and I always knew my order would be correct, unlike with some other companies stateside. It sucks that the Anti-Vaping sentiment from the clueless, uninformed politicians is putting another American company out of business!! Hopefully this provincial view and hatred towards vaping takes a turn in the very near future so companies and people can go back to something they’re passionate about and provide a safer alternative to adult smokers, an alternative that actually works in helping people get off of combustible cigarettes. Once again, thank you for everything! I hope beyond hope to one day see return! Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Andy Cox - January 30, 2023

I totally understand, & can’t blame you at all. But it really sucks. Y’all have been my #1 go-to for over 2 years, & literally the ONLY online shop that has been flawless with products, orders, & shipping. Definitely gonna miss it. Wishing the entire MyVpro crew nothing but the absolute very best.

Mike close - January 30, 2023

you guys have always been a go to place for my vaping needs. this sucks, I’m sorry to hear that your closing. another life saving business shutting it’s doors because of the greed and stupidity.

Anthony Engelhardt - January 30, 2023

This was horrible news to hear. This online store has been my absolute 1st and favorite store to buy from. It truly sucks that the vaping industry is headed in the direction here in the United States. Other countries are embracing it but the US government is to worried about money. My close friend owned 3 brick and mortar shops here in New Jersey and by 2019 he had closed them all. When just a few years prior he had Record number of profits. It is truly sad to see you go. You prices were cheaper then 95% of other online stores and here in Jersey I was receiving my orders in 3 days. That’s faster then any other online store in the industry. Thank you for everything. I’ve got two orders I’m waiting on from you unfortunately I don’t have tracking numbers but I’m sure they are on the way like always and that will be my last order from MyVpro. Your long time customer Anthony Engelhardt

Ethan - January 30, 2023

Damn, sad to see you guys go. Always get my orders super fast, and your prices are great. <3

Ross - January 30, 2023

I am honestly heartbroken with this announcement. I have felt as though something’s been off with your store at least in terms of the website (certain things not working, slow updates, etc). My fears have come true 🥺🥺. This is my go-to store and has been for a bit now, really going to miss what you all brought to the vape industry!

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