WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

OHM Science

Ohm Science - 6-in-1 Coil Kit

Ohm Science - 6-in-1 Coil Kit

Ohm Science is BACK AGAIN with another hit Ni80 coil set! Their new 6-in-1 coil set feature the same quality and performance you're used to, in a fantastic and durable container, with hot new coils! Featured in these coil cases are the following coils:

  • Framed Staple - 2-28/4-0.1*0.3/36 - 0.26ohm - Ni80
  • Staple - 8-0.1*0.4/36 - 0.25ohm - Ni80
  • Alpha Braid - 0.3*0.6+40*32 - 0.26ohm - Ni80
  • Multi-Strand Fused Clapton - 2-28/9-38/36 - 0.32ohm - Ni80
  • Dragon Skin - 3*(28/36) - 0.42ohm - Ni80
  • Fused Clapton - 2-26/36 0.34ohm - Ni80

ATTENTION: This product is for advanced users only! These coils are made to work with both mechanical mods and regulated mods. We are not responsible for any damages to you, your device, your immediate surroundings and/or any people, pets, or property due to incorrect installation. Please only purchase if you know how to install coils on RDAs, RTAs, and RBAs. Advanced mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are ONLY for experienced users. You MUST have detailed knowledge of Ohms law and understand proper battery usage safety protocols. Must use 2 or more batteries rated at a minimum 25 amp continuous discharge. By purchasing this product, you agree that Myvpro.com and any parent / subsidiary company is not responsible or liable for any damages arising from misuse, improper installation, or damage incurred from the end buyer from the use of this product.