Caterpillar Track Wire Spool (KA1) by Geekvape

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Caterpillar Track Wire Spool (KA1) 


A great choice for all DIY lovers. GeekVape offers only the best and highest quality resistance wires. The three-meter Caterpillar wire is made of core with four KA1 wires in 28GA (0,3mm) diameter and it is wrapped with another wire in 30GA (0,25mm) diameter.

kLength: 3m
Type: Caterpillar Kanthal A1, 28GAx4+30GA

The dispenser-like spool features an transparent outer shell to prevent wire from springing out and unraveling on itself. Just pull out the needed amount of wire for your next build through the thin slot located on the side of the spool with no worries. With endless options of wire to choose from, users can experiment with different builds at ease.