Geek Vape 3-in-1 Coil Building Set

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Geek Vape 3-in-1 Coil Building Set

Geek Vape Prebuilt 3-in-One Rebuilding Tool Set is composed of 4 prebuilt Clapton KA1 coil, 3 pads of cotton and a battery case. There are 4 options for the prebuilt Clapton coils available: 1.0 ohm 26AWG + 32AWG coil with 7 rounds, 0.9ohm 28AWG*2/twisted + 32AWG coil with 6 rouds, 0.7 ohm 28AWG*2/Paralleled + 32AWG coil with 6 rounds and 0.7ohm 26AWG/ Ni80 + 32AWG/ KA1 coil with 7 rounds

Clapton coil & Organic cotton & Battery case.


  • Clapton KA1 prebuilt coil
  • 28AWG*2/Twisted + 32AWG with 0.9ohm resistance
  • 6 rounds prebuilt coil
  • Pure taste with cloud vapors
  • 3-in-One tool kit covenient for rebuilding