Happy Kit Mini


Happy Kit Mini

Introducing the pocket-sized Happy Kit Mini. No more losing your papers or breaking your pipe; the smell-proof and shockproof Happy Kit Mini ensures you get happy and STAY happy. 


  • >WATER RESISTANT - Keep your buds DRY - Made with high quality polyurethane with a water resistant zipper; water is no match for the Happy Kit Mini!
  • >SHOCKPROOF - Keep your buds SAFE - No need to worry about dropping your case; it's shockproof to keep your goods safe. 
  • >SMELL-PROOF - Keep your buds HAPPY - Our happy little zippers and multilayer case blocks scents from getting out. As much as we love our buds, they can be a bit stinky.

Kit Contents:

  • Mini Carrying Case
  • One-Hitter Pipe
    • Better known as the one-hit-wonder. For the times when all you need or want is one hit, this is your guy.
  • 1¼ Rolling Paper + Filter Tips
    • For the times when you don't feel like sharing, or need something more discreet to take on the road.