OOZE GLYCO Glycerin Chilled Water Pipe

by Ooze

OOZE GLYCO Glycerin Chilled Water Pipe

Using ice in your water bong has been taken to the next level with the OOZE GLYCO.  Inside the glass, a liquid glycerin awaits to be frozen ice cold and once it is, it's as if you're smoking from a bong made from pure ice, chilling the smoke and making it significantly less harsh on the inhale.

The OOZE GLYCO measures in at 6.5" high and is made from a high strength borosilicate glass, with glycerin in both the bowl and the base of the water pipe. Place in the freezer around an hour before your next sesh and you'll be the definitely be the chillest around.

Pro Tips for your GLYCO

  • Make sure that you do not fill the GLYCO with water BEFORE freezing. This can negatively affect your percolator. Place your completely empty GLYCO in the freezer, only fill once already frozen and removed from freezer.
  • Make sure to always place your GLYCO in an upright standing position on a flat surface inside the freezer.
  • DO NOT use a torch or torch lighter to light your GLYCO bowl. The extreme change in temperature can negatively affect the glass of the bowl. Stick to using a regular lighter to prevent any possible issues!

    *Disclaimer: Ooze does not cover all-glass pieces under warranty. These pieces are fragile and require care when handling, using and storing.*

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