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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Chance To Win The Best Flavor Producing AIO of 2020! My Vpro

Chance To Win The Best Flavor Producing AIO of 2020!

We started working with the awesome team over at OXVA for product testing, prior to the release of the OXVA Origin AIO. We do this with a lot of manufacturers and tons of products. We do this in an effort to learn about products before they hit the market, so we're able to offer adequate customer service to those who need trouble shooting with the devices.

The team here at Myvpro widely consists of DIY vapers, utilizing rebuildable devices, as that is just most of our preference. Flavor intense RDA's and squonk mods are pretty routine in the office. Though, once we received the OXVA Origin, that all started to change.

Utilizing the 0.3ohm coil the OXVA Origin is flavor intense, reliable, and downright consistent with its flavor. I honestly haven't used another device since I received the prototype device for testing, which has been used and tested extensively, as can be seen here:

The flavor from the 0.3ohm Mesh coil is amazing. I haven't regularly used a device with replaceable coils in years and I can't seem to put this one down. That goes for a good portion of our staff as well. 

Given that we know this is a hard time for a lot people, we have called on OXVA and they've supplied 5x Origin AIO Pod Systems for us to offer a chance to win. We want to share this awesome flavor-centric device with you!

All you have to do is log in to the Gleam app below, then comment on this blog post! You are then entered for a chance to win! There are multiple other ways to enter as well, so don't miss out! 


Win an OXVA Origin AIO - The Ultimate Flavor Producing Pod System
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Montia Dennis - May 12, 2020


Colinsesh - May 1, 2020

This looks like one sweet device! Pod/AIO systems are my go to now because I love the versatile nature of them. Portability is also huge as well because I need a good solid device that can fit into my pocket easily. Well here goes nothing! I hope that I win!

Shannon Pickin - May 1, 2020

I would be using Cloud Nurdz with it. Thanks for the chance

Mark Moriarty - May 1, 2020

Very cool sounding device.

Brandon Brady - May 1, 2020

I wanted to try this device. Fingers crossed….

vam1230 - May 1, 2020

Cant wait to add it to my harem of mods

Matt Carter - May 1, 2020

Nice! Something bakery would be the first juice id try in this if i won one

Linda Christopher - May 1, 2020

I recently purchased a Geek Bident Vape along with some juice from MyVPro. I love it all and would love to win this particular vape. I like to use a variety of vapes and this one sounds incredible. Thank you.

johnJohn - May 1, 2020

can’t wait to have an extra AIO! After this hell of being isolated from my family because of COVID-19 attacking me, this would be a special treat for getting better. Love myVpro!!!

T Douglas Clifford - May 1, 2020

Always looking to try out new products. Become quite a collector over the last year and a half. This product looks interesting, looking forward to upgrading.

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