Good News! Michigan Flavor Ban has been Temporarily Lifted!

Good News! Michigan Flavor Ban has been Temporarily Lifted!

Good News fellow Michiganders! A Judge today (10/15) has blocked the states' ban with a preliminary injunction on the Emergency Rules for flavored e-cigarettes and vaping devices, citing evidence that adult smokers could return to smoking traditional tobacco products. This halts the states ability to enforce the "emergency rules" established earlier this month, which banned all "flavored" vapes and e-liquids, except tobacco.

The ban went into place on October 1st, forcing many fellow vape shops to close or liquidate their inventories and many of the states vaping consumers to stock up on large quantities of e-liquids and pre-filled devices - due to the worry of not being able to obtain their replacement for tobacco cigarette smoking.

While this is a victory, the fight is far from over. You should continue to contact your representatives about vaping products and how these products have impacted your life. As we will continue doing the same and fighting in tandem with the AVA and our fellow vaping businesses. As of writing this, has re-opened shipping within Michigan for any and all flavored e-liquids or pre-filled devices.

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Michael D. - October 18, 2019

Good news, for now. Keep up the good work, and keep the pressure on your lawmakers to make this injunction, by this sensible judge, permanent. This is what happens when you vote in leftist, nanny-state politicians into office! Recall Whitmer, and get a conservative in her place for the good people of Michigan! Love to all there !

Bill Sohmer - October 16, 2019

Our Governor of Michigan stated yesterday she opposes the judge and is going to push for an emergency ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court. This woman clearly has an agenda and has no idea what she’s doing to our state.

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