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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Michigan Flavor Ban Starts Tomorrow | You'll Notice Some Changes! My Vpro

Michigan Flavor Ban Starts Tomorrow | You'll Notice Some Changes!

The Michigan Flavor Ban goes into effect tomorrow, October 2nd. Being based in Michigan, you can see how this can weigh on us, Myvpro, and the state of Michigan's resident vapers as a whole. The Michigan emergency order is extremely vague, but is an order against "flavored nicotine products," their marketing / imagery, etc.

The ban taking effect tomorrow and how it will affect you, our customers.

  • If you're NOT a resident of Michigan (or another state that has banned flavors) we have moved our e-liquid to a warehouse in Ohio (which has yet to enact a flavor ban). This will allow us to continue selling these products to you, though, there may be a slight delay in shipping (your order will ship next day, except Sunday).
  • If you ARE a resident of Michigan - we are working on a code for the website to allow you to purchase 0mg e-liquids, this along with the Sapphyre Nicotine products we already sell, will allow you the ability to continue getting the products you've grown to love. This is complicated and may take a couple days, but we are working diligently on it. For the moment, E-Liquid sales are turned off for Michigan while we secure this work around.

You'll notice some changes on the website

In an effort to comply with Michigan's emergency order Rule #2 sub section B, we will be removing pictures of e-liquids from our website and replacing them with their brand logos. This portion of the rule reads as: "Retailers / Resellers shall not use imagery explicitly or implicitly representing a characterizing flavor to sell, offer for sale, give, or otherwise distribute a vapor product." Most E-liquids have some imagery or text on the packaging falling under this rule. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. 

No, We're Not Closing Shop

Absolutely, positively not. We will be fighting this Emergency Rule and any flavor ban until we're physically forced to close. We've teamed up with the AVA and many Michigan Vapor Businesses to combat this draconian overreach by our government to ban a product that was meant to reduce harm for adult smokers. We didn't open this business to make huge profits, rather, due to the passion we had for a product that had helped us former smokers - and that passion is burning hotter now more than ever. We thank you loyal customers, new and old, for choosing Myvpro for your vaping needs. Without you, we wouldn't be able to fight this battle to the extent we have been.

Yes, We're Restocking on Juice!

As of right now we have an enormous restock en route to our new warehouse. This should arrive in time and be checked in for this weekend and our October 7th sale for National Save Vaping Day, those sale details will be released later this week! If you haven't heard of National Save Vaping Day, read the blog on it here: National Save Vaping Day!

Don't forget to call your local and state representatives to oppose any flavor bans - even if your state or locality has yet to enact one!


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Ed - October 15, 2019

You guys are awesome and will support you till the end. Thanks for your hardwork. Will keep on fighting with you. Vape on

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