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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Vaporesso Target PM80: A Powerful & Pocketable Pod Mod My Vpro

Vaporesso Target PM80: A Powerful & Pocketable Pod Mod

Product intro and specs

The Target PM80 is the latest pod AIO from Vaporesso—or pod mod, as these devices have come to be known as lately. It is the latest in a long line of pod vapes by popular manufacturer Vaporesso, but the first one made solely for DL and higher wattage vaping. Vaporesso has become one of the premiere mod makers in vaping, but their pods and atomizers have been decent at best for the most part.

The Target PM80 is a fully adjustable device capable of up to 80 watts, and uses a built-in battery listed at 2000 mAh. The pods hold a solid 4 mL of juice and there are two coil options are available at the moment. Pods are refillable so you get to use your own juice in them, and the coils are separate from the pod; so there’s less waste and less money spent down the line.
Price: $39.95 (Here)
Colors: Silver, brown, black, blue, green, red


  • Display: 0.96-inch TFT Screen
  • Battery: Built-in 2000 mAh
  • Power output: 5-80 watts
  • Charging current: 2-amp micro USB
  • Cartridge capacity: 4 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
  • Resistance: GTX 0.2-ohm mesh (45-60W) / GTX 0.3-ohm mesh (32-45W)

Kit contents

  • 1 x Vaporesso Target PM80 battery
  • 2 x Vaporesso Target PM80 pod (4ml)
  • 1 x GTX 0.2Ω mesh coil
  • 1 x GTX 0.3Ω mesh coil
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Reminder card

Build quality and design

The Vaporesso Target PM80 is pretty large for a pod system compared to say the Caliburn, but that’s not the intent here. It’s small when compared to similar AIO devices like the Geekvape Aegis Boost or the Voopoo Vinci. It stands at approximately 102 mm x 24.8 mm x 33.4 mm, and feels more like a small mod than a pod system—although it is surprisingly lightweight.

The PM80 feels great in the hand with its shape, like a smaller non-rubberized Aegis Boost. It may not be certified “rugged”, but mine has survived a few accidental drops without a scratch. Overall, it’s a pocketable DL setup that’s pretty well-built and can handle being out and about.

Getting started

The PM80 is a button-operated device (no auto-draw), and five clicks of the button turns it on and off. You can also lock the adjustment buttons by clicking fire three times. Holding down the plus and minus buttons takes you to a menu where you can choose wattage mode, voltage mode, smart wattage mode, reset the puff counter or change the theme color between green, blue, and pink. The puff counter maxes out at 999 and needs to be manually reset after that.

On the front, there is a large color screen that is bright and easy to see. The two adjustment buttons allow you to set your wattage from 5-80 watts in 0.5-watt increments. The screen will display the recommended wattage depending on the coil you use, and the chipset will prevent you from going higher than that.

Mine didn’t come with any means of adjusting the airflow, but I saw that the retail version includes a couple of rubber plugs which can be used to restrict the air intake. Since my sample didn’t include any, I can’t speak on how they work. In any case, it’s a solid DL vape even without adjusting the airflow.

The pod held in place by strong magnets. To remove it just pull it out. To put it back in, just drop it in and the magnets will grab it. To fill it, you’ll need to remove the rubber plug from the bottom of the pod. Really easy. The coils pop in and out from under the pod and I personally found them easy to replace. Thankfully, the pod is clear and fully exposed which makes it easy to see the juice level. I’m really happy they did that as this is something most pod systems fail at. You do need to empty the pod before replacing the coil though. They also included a spare pod along with two coils, which is great. Another thing many companies don’t do for some reason.


The most important part of any pod device is going to be the coils—lots of nice systems have been ruined by poor coils. The target PM80 comes with two coil options, both from the newly introduced GTX line of coils. The PM80 is also compatible with Voopoo’s PnP coils (used in the Vinci line among others), but I haven’t tried them on the PM80 so I can’t speak of them.

  • A 0.3-ohm coil rated for 32-45 watts
  • A 0.2-ohm coil rated for 45-60 watts

I used 70/30 3mg juices in these coils and found the 0.2-ohm best around 40-45 watts and the 0.3 ohm best around 35 watts. Flavor was good in both, on par with the better sub ohm coils on the market in the 40-watt range. Coil life on the 0.2-ohm coil was really good. I ran 50 mL of juice in it and the coil was still usable. The 0.3-ohm coil only lasted for 20 mL though.

One thing worth noting is that the way the coils are designed, you’ll get condensation under the pod. Make sure to wipe it down every once in a while. Overall, the PM80 is a really good performer with the 0.2-ohm coil.

Battery life and charging

The battery life on this device isn’t that great due to the wattage demands. Battery capacity itself is fine and good for such a small device, but unlike an MTL pod system, this device is going to deplete it much faster vaping at around 40 watts. Don’t expect it to be an all-day device without having to charge.

They list the battery at 2000 mAh. I tested it and it’s more like 1650 mAh. It is a bit overrated (which sadly is common on internal battery devices), but still around 300 mAh higher than my rating of the Aegis Boost’s battery. While many pods have a LED light color for battery indication, the PM80 has a full gauge on the screen like a typical mod—including the percent and even remaining charging time when it is plugged in.

To charge it, the USB port is on the side. They list a 2-amp charge rate. I tested this and got a max of 1.89 amps, so great rating there. It charges fully in 60 minutes, which is pretty fast. It also features pass-thru charging, so you can vape it while it charges—it pauses charging when firing then resumes when you stop.

Pros / Cons

  • (+) Solid build quality and nice hand feel
  • (+) Large color screen
  • (+) Easy to use and fill
  • (+) Spare pod included
  • (+) Pods are held in firmly
  • (+) Clear pods let you check e-liquid levels
  • (+) Pods fit 4 mL of juice
  • (+) Good flavor from both coils
  • (+) Great life from 0.2-ohm coil
  • (+) Compatible with Voopoo PnP coils
  • (+) Accurately rated and fast charging (1.89 amps / 1-hour charge)
  • (+) Large battery size for a small device
  • (+) Pass-thru vaping
  • (+) Fully adjustable output
  • (+) Displays recommended wattage and won’t let you go too high
  • (+) Voltage mode
  • (+) Adjustable air (via rubber plugs)
  • (-) Overstated battery size (closer to 1650 mAh than 2000 mAh)
  • (-) Short life from 0.3-ohm coils
  • (-) Wattage demands means the battery doesn't last long
  • (-) Condensation under the pod
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