You May Have Noticed a Change - No More Pre-Filled Pods

You May Have Noticed a Change - No More Pre-Filled Pods

As everyone may know, February 5th, 2020 was the last day to sell pre-filled flavored cartridges / pods. As of writing this, all of these products have been removed from inventory. This and the Federal Tobacco 21 laws are meant to combat underage / teen age vaping, something we wholeheartedly agree is an issue. Teens should not be vaping. From the beginning, prior to FDA / Federal Regulations, we have employed advanced age verification systems to ensure our customers are of age to purchase these products.

You can read more about the Cartridge Ban here: Vaping360 Article

We do apologize to those customers who utilize these systems, though, and have no problem answering any questions you might have on a more advanced set-up. A lot of questions are easily answered in some of our previous blogs:

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Check out our blog here: Myvpro Blog

As well, very affordable refillable pod systems are available such as;

and there are a plethora more available here: Pod Devices

Again, our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

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