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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Wotofo Mesh Style Coils

by Wotofo
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Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 10pcs

Wotofo introduces their Mesh Coils, the next big thing in the coil market. When it’s about the flavor, the mesh coil outperforms the traditional wire coils. The evenly pierced Kanthal A1 metal sheet functions as the coil. The large surface area produces high quality flavor even with lower wattage devices.

Main Features:

Heats rapidly

Greater contact area to the juice

Breaks down your juice layer on layer

Solid mesh in a stable structure

Resistant to deformation

High durability in usage

Easy to clean and maintain

Warm & Smooth Performance

Material: A1

Resistance: 0.30Ω

Power Range: 30W-40W

TOP-NOTCH FLAVOR PRODUCTION – Flavor plays an important role to offer a satisfying vaping experience. Mesh coils do justice to flavor chasing. The large surface distributes heat faster and evenly to vaporize the e-liquid, producing an optimum flavor.

NO SPIT-BACK – Spit-back is a major problem vapers face when they are using other coils but this mesh option helps you avoid spit-back completely as they don’t hold liquid, so there is no chance of popup or spitting.

FASTER RAMP-UP TIME – The time a coil takes to reach a particular temperature to vaporize the juice is known as ramp-up time. It depends on the coil size, and for the flat perforated surface and Kanthal material, but these mesh coils ramp-up fast!

INCREASED LIFESPAN – As previously mentioned the large coil surface distributes the heat quickly and evenly. Thus, the coil generates a less amount of buildup. It also spits less and lasts longer than average coils. Generally, a mesh coil lasts about 4 weeks, depending on the use, even on high VG liquids. It is one of the best mesh replacement coils available on the market.

Available in single tubes with 10 pieces in each.