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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Review: Bigger And Better

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Review: Bigger And Better

Product intro and specs

The Aegis Boost Plus is a 40-watt pod-style AIO. In a seemingly endless line of Aegis-themed devices, Geekvape follows up on the original Boost, with a few improvements. The first noticeable difference is that the device is larger. That is because it uses a replaceable 18650 battery instead of an internal cell, which I would consider an improvement. It also has a bigger screen, and because of its larger size, it has a greater juice capacity of 5.5 mL. It comes in six different stunning finishes and has all the quality you would expect from the Geekvape Aegis line.

So, is the Aegis Boost a worthy successor to the best-selling original? Keep reading to find out.
Price: $39.99 (Here)
Colors: Space black, aura glow, gunmetal, devil red, almighty blue


  • AS chipset   
  • Dimensions: 106.8 mm x 39.2 mm x 27.7 mm
  • Tank capacity: 3.7 mL
  • Input voltage: 3.0-4.25 volts
  • Output voltage: 1.0-6.0 volts
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Micro-USB cable: Supports 5V/1.5A
  • Output power: 5-40 watts
  • Resistance range: 0.2-3.0 ohms

Kit contents

  • 1 x Geekvape Aegis Boost (pre-installed GV Boost coil 0.4 ohm 25-33 watts)
  • 1 x GV Boost coil (0.6-ohm 15-25 watts)
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 x Coil tool
  • 1 x Drip tip
  • 1 x Promotion card
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x User manual

Build quality and design

Like all the Aegis devices, the Boost Plus looks and feels durable. Its waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof design means that you can take it with you wherever you go, and not have to worry about whether it will hold up. The only thing I would worry about is the pod itself, but since it’s replaceable, you’re good to go.

At 114.2 mm x 49.5 mm x 28.6 mm, it’s bigger than the original Boost. The leather-covered foam grip isn’t curved like the original but is still comfortable. They’ve increased the size of the screen to 0.96 inches, but the text is still small. I feel like they didn’t take as much advantage of the screen size as they could have, since the numbers are a little hard to read. The fire button feels tight with no rattle, but the up and down button is a little loose. The pod snaps in and out with the push of a button and has an increased capacity of 5.5 mL. It also has the same threaded battery cap you see on other Geekvape devices, with the fold-out latch that allows you to screw it in and out.

I received the “fantasy black” edition for this review, which isn’t much to look at if you’re into colors—though it does have some cool orange stitching on the leather grip. It’s the other finishes that look great on this device. Unlike the original Boost, the color of the buttons will match the skeleton, while the rest of the device is black. You will find this on other Aegis mods as well, like the Legend and the Solo. The contrast is what gives it that sleek, stunning look in my opinion. The red, blue, and silver color options really stand out.

Getting started

The adjustments for the device are as follows:

  • Five clicks of the fire button turn the device on/off
  • Three clicks of the fire button to enter settings mode
  • One click of the fire button in settings mode moves cursor to select parameters
  • Up and down to change parameters
  • Long press the fire button to exit settings mode
  • Up and down to change wattage or temperature
  • Up and down at the same time to lock screen
  • Fire and down at the same time to decrease brightness
  • Fire and up at the same time to increase brightness
  • Fire and up and down at the same time for stealth
  • Three clicks of the fire button then hold both up and down to change color

The functions are a little tricky at first, especially if you’re just a wattage vaper like me, but all you have to remember is that three clicks of the fire button will get you into settings. Once you’re there you can choose your parameters with one click of the fire button and change those parameters by pressing up or down. I actually changed the color of my screen without knowing how I did it and had to figure it out again.

You can adjust your wattage from 5 watts to 40 watts in 0.5-watt increments, or if you hold the button down it will go faster in 1-watt increments. It will stop on 40 watts but will round robin back to 5 watts if you let off the button and press it again. The screen also shows mode, resistance, amperage, voltage, and puffs, along with a battery meter. It’s using the AS chip and claims to have a firing speed of less than 0.020 seconds. I have no way of measuring that, but it does seem to fire really fast.

The pod is easy enough to remove by pressing the button on the opposite side of the fire button. When pressing it back in, you’ll hear that reassuring snap that lets you know you’ve got it in correctly. When I went to remove the coil, I was presented with a problem: there was no coil tool in the box! When I read the package contents on the box that I received, it doesn’t mention anything about a tool. (It is mentioned in the company website though, so chances are that retail versions will include it.) Fortunately, I had the tool for the Geekvape Zeus tank, which happens to be the same size.

Filling the pod is as easy as pulling out the plug on the top behind the drip tip, and since the hole doesn’t sit directly above the airflow like it does on the original Boost, you don’t have to worry about liquid coming back up out of the hole. This was a problem some people were having on the Boost. The pod is dark but not so dark that you can’t see your juice levels, and the drip tip is 510-compatible. There is the flat, mouthpiece style drip tip and you get a standard drip tip in the box.


The Boost Plus kit comes with two prebuilt coils and they are compatible with the original Boost. The pod however is not compatible because of its larger size. The G Coil Boost Formula 0.4-ohm mesh coil rated at 25 to 33 watts, comes pre-installed. In the box you’ll get a 0.6-ohm mesh coil rated at 15 to 25 watts. I couldn’t find a lot of information on the material for the 0.4-ohm coil, but the 0.6 ohm coil is KA1 Kanthal. The Geekvape website only mentions Kanthal, so I’m assuming the 0.4 ohm coil is Kanthal as well. The writing on the coils is really hard to read.

I started with the 0.4 ohm-coil first, using regular 6 mg liquid with a 75/25 ratio. I put it on the maximum rated setting of 33 watts and opened the airflow all the way, and it was almost perfect! I bumped it up to 35 watts and I was getting a nice, warm, restricted lung hit with loads of flavor. I went through a few tanks of liquid with the same coil and the flavor stayed consistent all the way through. I tried closing the airflow down for MTL, and though you can get it pretty tight, it’s still not a proper MTL in my opinion. It is great for restricted DL though and I was really impressed with the flavor at this point.

Next, I tried the 0.6-ohm coil rated at 15 to 25 watts with the same liquid in the pod. Just like the 0.4-ohm coil, this one seemed to work best a couple of watts higher than the maximum rating of 25 watts. With the airflow fully open I was still getting a good restricted DL draw, but for me, the 0.4-ohm coil is slightly better. The flavor is still very good though. Both coils are performing well, and I haven’t noticed any leaking or condensation around the pod yet. According to Geekvape, the pods are sealed with “ultrasonic technology” for “perfect zero-condensation tendency”, whatever that means.

I can’t speak to the temperature control on this device, being that the mesh coils are KA1 Kanthal, but there is already a pod with an RBA head that will be available soon which will allow you to utilize TC compatible wire. Judging by the picture on the Geekvape website, the airflow on the RBA head is similar to the Kylin M AIO, which has honeycomb style airflow, so that should satisfy the DIY vapers out there. There will also be a 510 adapter so you can use your own atomizer. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of pod mods.

Battery life and charging

The Boost Plus uses an external 18650 battery that can be replaced by unscrewing the battery cap on the bottom of the device. It’s the same battery cap we’ve seen on other Geekvape devices like the Aegis 100 and the Aegis Solo. Pull out the little latch with your thumb or finger and use it to unscrew the cap. The polarity is clearly marked on the inside of the device and on the cap itself. After replacing your battery, simply screw the cap back in until it’s tight. I find that the O-ring on the battery cap makes it feel tight before you’ve got it all the way in, so if you’re unsure, shake your device a little and if you feel the battery moving, keep tightening until it stops.

Geekvape claims the device provides 40% more battery life than an internal battery, but there’s no way for me to test that. All I can say is that I’ve had the same battery in it for three days and it’s still half charged, but that may be different if you’re a chain vaper. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the way the Boost Plus is managing battery life.

The charge port on this device uses the old micro USB, which I find odd since almost all new devices are using the newer Type-C port. It has a charge rate of 2 amps and the battery meter shows your progress. It has passthrough charging so you can charge your device and use it at the same time. That said, it is still recommended that you use an external charger for your batteries.

Pros / Cons

  • (+) Good build quality
  • (+) Durable (IP67 Rated)
  • (+) Nice color finishes
  • (+) Fits easily in your pocket
  • (+) Replaceable 510 drip tips
  • (+) Good capacity (5.5 mL)
  • (+) Easy to replace coils
  • (+) Easy to replace pods
  • (+) Easy to fill
  • (+) No leaking
  • (+) Good for restricted DL vaping
  • (+) Great flavor
  • (+) Battery polarity clearly marked
  • (+) RBA pod and 510 adapter will be available
  • (-) Writing on coils is hard to read
  • (-) No SS coil to use temp control
  • (-) Airflow is a little loud
  • (-) No Type-C charging
  • (-) Not that good for MTL


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Article Author: Stu Dowling

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Chris - August 3, 2020

Serious improvement with the 18650, BUT and that’s a big but, until they offer an rba pod I think they’ll only get customers who have not yet purchased the original version. Also wondering what is going on with that ridiculously tiny screen? I need a microscope for mine and as far as I know even with th e improved real estate on the new one the font is still only legible in the micro verse. #geekvape I’m 50, please do something about this, thanks in advance!! 🤓

Chris - August 3, 2020

Serious improvement with the 18650, BUT and that’s a big but, until they offer an rba pod I think they’ll only get customers who have not yet purchased the original version. Also wondering what is going on with that ridiculously tiny screen? I need a microscope for mine and as far as I know even with th e improved real estate on the new one the font is still only legible in the micro verse. #geekvape I’m 50, please do something about this, thanks in advance!! 🤓

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